In The End, Books? is an independent artist books publishing house founded by Elena Op ‘t Eynde & Dexian Feng in 2016. They publish young artists who use aspects of publishing as part of their artistic practice. They work closely and collaboratively with the artist to ensure that the publication — a physical or digital edition — is produced cohesively alongside the artists’ practices. The publications go on to be a part of exhibitions, websites, open calls, and beyond. Besides collaborating they also work on self-initiated publishing projects that allow them to further experiment with the boundaries of the publication. Currently these projects are mainly focused on the creation of new platforms that can bring together the publication and the artist. In The End, Books? is always interested in collaborating with new artists or others within the artistic field. If you are interested please contact us: Exhibitions & Features 2018 Featured in The Yellow Press Periodical with an article about 
Greta M. & the launch of it’s 2nd Edition 2017 Participants Building Friendship Fair, Antwerp Attendees of Wiels Art Book Fair, Antwerp Art Book Fair, 
and Volumes Zürich Overview exhibit of In The End, Books? at Capital M. exhibition. Lecture with Elias Cafmeyer on his publication at the Multiplied exhibition. Curators of the exhibition: “Greta M.” (17/04-08/05) 
at Showroom2, Sint-Lucas Antwerp Participants Winterschool 2017 resulting in Greta M. a novella 
& an exhibition at the M HKA INBOX space.
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