This is the first edition of In The End, Books website. In this edition, you will learn about our collaborative projects with Ann De Keersmaecker, Elias Cafmeyer, the publishing team of 6 Vingers in een Handschoen, 14 artists who wrote Greta M and also a self-initiated project, #7hoursofpublishing. These projects were carried out during our master year in Sint Lucas Antwerpen. With these projects, we questioned if artist publications can be more than just a book and is the medium necessarily a printed matter. At the same time, we went on a journey defining ourselves as a artist book publisher. In this edition, we share our processes from start to finish. The second edition of this website will transform itself into the official website of our publishing practice. Stay tuned!

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start process in the end
Identity of In The End, Books? Version 1
Visual Inspiration for our identity
In search for visuals to represent the concept of our publishiing platform: connecting the dots
Applying the idea
Development to our identity part 1
Common symbols in print publishing.
An initial sketch for our identity.
Visual identity 1 Version 2 With our experiments, we came to realise that artist publications today also require a digital platform, thus furthered our search into this realm. How do we digitalise artist works and distribute them as publications? Thus, we integrated this aspect into our identity with this animation.
Development to our identity part 2
Digital icons integrated with print symbols.
return to top Integrating our house font Dustimo digital symbols.
ideas convo. readings
A list of reference books
In search for visuals to represent the concept of our publishing platform: ideas bouncing off each other.
Web symbols.
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